Project LeVent

Methord of statement – General specifications for the project “LE VENT” at Eagle Beach Aruba.


The project involves the construction of one building, integrated with the landscaping and external areas, to be built on a plot of 11,381 m2 located in the area of Eagle Beach, Aruba Island, Dutch Caribbean.

The building has five levels, which compose 40 apartments in total (with different types of apartments). The building is composed by the ground floor plus four (04) additional floors, with a gross building area of approximately 8,000 m2 and with free-height floor-to-floor of 3.00m.

Additionally there will be build five “town houses” on the property.

The vertical circulation comprises two (02) elevators and three (03) stairways.

The building as the following common areas:

Internal / interior areas:

  • Lobby;
  • Gym / fitness room;
  • Ladies’ and men’s bathroom;
  • Meeting room;
  • Administrative offices;

Outside / outdoor areas: 

  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzi;
  • Landscaping with a total area of 3,500 m2;
  • Parking lot, with a total area of 1,783 m2 and capacity for approximately 48 parking spots (inside the property) and additional 25 parking spots for visitors on the outside (next to the main entrance of the unit);
  • Mixed primary car and pedestrian access for visitors, in addition to two service driveways;

Technical data and characteristics finishing and equipment description


The soil surveys conducted indicates that the entire area of the plot is mainly coralline limestone, so the foundation system used is the continuous foundation beam in “T” shape, poured directly over the soil.


The building will have a main structure by using Steel frames. The slabs will be built in mixed metal-deck system, using steel decks with reinforced concrete poured over it. These slabs will be connected to the secondary structure, which is composed by steel beams.


The facades walls and the partition walls between apartments will be built using the light construction system EIFS. The partitions will be closed with DensGlass® panels over which there will be placed insulated DOW® panels, reinforcing mesh and final finish with textured paint – architectural system – type Graniplast®.

The walls have acoustic insulation inside using semi-rigid type TERMOLAN ® panels

Interior walls will be made using gypsum board DryWall® panels, with acoustic insulation, over galvanized metal stud structure.

The walls exposed to moisture (some walls in the bathrooms , kitchens and laundries) will be built with waterproof DryWall ® panels ( Green Gypsum board ) over galvanized structure , also with sound insulation inside the walls.


The building’s facades will be covered with an “Exterior Insulation Finisher System (EIFS)” finalized with textured coated paint.


Interior walls (not exposed to moisture) will have smoothed-touch finishing and will be covered with premium water-based paint.

The walls exposed to moisture (bathrooms, kitchens and laundry walls) will be covered with natural stone, such as the Moca-crème (Limestone) or similar material.


All the building’s cceilings will be covered with gypsum board panels, with sound insulation, over galvanized metal stud structure.

The areas with moisture or exposed to steam (bathrooms, kitchens and laundries), will be built with waterproof panels (Green Gypsum board) over galvanized structure, also with sound insulation.


FLOORING. All common areas, accesses, corridors and other common areas will be finished with natural limestone, type Moca-crème or similar.

The staircases will be made with anti-slip epoxy concrete cover over steel structure.

Service Areas, such as the garbage room, hydro / mechanical room and deposits will be finished with epoxy coating over concrete.

BASEBOARDS. All internal floors with Limestone will have baseboard made with the same material Moca-crème (Limestone)

SHOWER CURBS. Shower curbs will be covered with natural Limestone.


All staircases, garbage rooms, maintenance areas, etc. will have metal doors.

The stair handrails will be steel made, round and square pipes.

All metal doors and handrails will be coated with oil-based paint, over primer.


All the wooden doors locks will be type FICHET or SCHLAGE or similar. The metal doors will have CISA safety hardware or similar.


MAIN DOORS. The main apartments door will be type “Beagle line” (JELD-WEN brand) or similar.

CLOSETS DOORS. Will be wood and composite wood-based doors.


The kitchens will have laminate cabinets, with final coat in bright colors.

Top and bottom cabinets will have shelves, drawer and other modules. The hardware will be stainless steel. The skirting baseboard will be thermoplastic and aluminum.

Kitchen countertop will be granite or synthetic stone. Backsplash will be mosaic-glass tile or similar.

The kitchen and laundry will have the following appliances:

  • Exhaust hood Extractor;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Combo oven-microwave;
  • Electric oven;
  • Electric stove;
  • Fridge/freezer capacity of 21 ft., stainless steel;
  • Washing machine and dryer;
  • Sink in stainless steel with kitchen faucet;

The appliances size will be adjusted to the space of each kitchen.


DOORS AND WINDOWS. European style sliding white aluminum doors and windows with thermic double safety glass. Other tilting, tilt and turn, opening and fixed windows will be in the same type and class of aluminum and glass as the sliding ones.

BALCONIES AND HANDRAILS. The balconies guardrails will be in steel (gloss or satin) with clear tempered safety glass panels.


PAINTING. All exterior walls, corridors and common areas will be finished with textured paint, type Graniplast.

WALL TRIM MOULDING. Will be made of polyurethane foam coated with a layer of cement paste.


All wood and plywood used for roofing, pergolas and for decorative elements will be treated and protected from damages caused by insects, moisture, and decay fungi.

On some roofs, there will be used Spanish tiles over protected plywood covered with asphalt paper.


The waterproofing systems used will be type epoxy elastomeric system, capable for high traffic.


ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS. All electrical installations will be made according the NEN 1010 and IEC standards and requirements, with the recommendations of ELMAR and DTI.

LIGHTING. Lights located in restroom areas will be surface mounted, remain lights will be recessed light and/or wall mounted.

VOICE AND DATA, CCTV, INTERCOMS. There will be a network for Voice and Data. Apartments will have necessary wiring system. The apartments will also be prepared for future connection for standard TV and Internet services existing on the island of Aruba.


The FFE system consists of smart central fire detection with sensors, which let you know the exact location of any incident. The installation will comply with all requirements demanded by NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm Code).


WATER AND SEWAGE SYSTEM. All water and sewage systems will be according to the normal standards and requirements of the island of Aruba and according to the recommendations of WEB and DTI.

BATHROOM ACCESSORIES. The bathrooms will have complete bathroom Cabinet, sink with faucet, suspended toilet, shower faucet, bar towel rack, toilet paper holders and other standard bath accessories. Public bathrooms will be similar and standard.


ELEVATOR. The building will have 02 elevators, 08 person’s capacity each one, with elements and hardware in stainless steel, from OTIS.

AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM AND VENTILATION. The apartments will have central air conditioning unit systems, including insulated duct system, registers, grills and all necessary accessories and air conditioning units McQuay or similar.

VENTILATION SYSTEM The ventilation will be mechanical for the Stairs, Elevators and bathrooms.


PERIMETER WALLS. The perimeter fence will be built with a combination of steel fence with concrete piers and skirts, with the same layout and decorative elements as the ones form the main building.

SWIMMING POOL AND JACUZZI. The finish materials for the swimming pool and Jacuzzi will be Diamond Bright coating and ceramic tiles. The pool coping will be in natural stone.


  • The sidewalks will be mostly in stamped -concrete system colored and with different shapes and hatches. There will also be some natural stone and ceramic elements mixed on the floors;
  • In the pool area there will be some areas with stamped –concrete or suitable ceramic tiles, anti -slip, mixed with some natural stone tiles;
  • The Solarium pool will have synthetic tiles suitable for such use;
  • Other areas around the pool will have white beach sand;
  • The parking lot will have a combination of pavers, stamped -concrete and some areas with asphalt;
  • The service areas will be in flat concrete slabs with salt finishing;